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Funding will help AmeriCorps programs address community needs

CaliforniaVolunteers announced today that the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) has awarded $26.4 million in grants to 47 projects that support the environment, educational and economic opportunities, and disaster assistance throughout the state.

“California continues to be an innovation hub of high-quality, impactful programs, all using the power of AmeriCorps members and volunteers to get things done,” said California’s Chief Service Officer, Karen Baker.  “It is exciting to see the more than 13 percent increase in funding coming to our state.”

Annually, CaliforniaVolunteers oversees AmeriCorps programs that engage more than 3,000 AmeriCorps members who serve through nonprofit, faith-based, and local government at more than 900 locations across the State of California.  They are part of the nearly 7,600 AmeriCorps members who serve in more than 1,600 sites in California.

Since 1994, more than 900,000 Americans have provided more than one billion hours of service addressing critical challenges from poverty and hunger to disasters and the dropout crisis.  In California, nearly 120,000 AmeriCorps members have served close to 150 million hours and earned almost $341 million in education scholarships. California AmeriCorps members supported by these grants are eligible to earn approximately $15 million education scholarships to help pay for college or to pay off student loans.

“AmeriCorps members make a powerful impact on the toughest challenges facing our nation,” said CNCS CEO Wendy Spencer.  “Building on California’s strong tradition of neighbor helping neighbor, AmeriCorps members will improve lives and strengthen communities across the state.  As they serve others, AmeriCorps members will also expand opportunity for themselves – gaining skills and experience to jumpstart their careers.”

Of the 47 grants, 30 were awarded new grant funding for programs that will improve communities in the following priority areas:

  • Disaster Services – Programs in this area will help communities when disasters strike, as well as assist in pre-disaster training.
  • Economic Opportunity – Members will assist in job placement and training in these programs.
  • Education – Various tutoring methods will be used within these programs to assist high-need students from kindergarten through high school. Tutoring will include areas such as reading skills, anti-bullying, behavioral, and school gardening.
  • Environment – Programs in this area will improve the environment through restoration of watersheds and trails, as well as making wilderness areas safer and more accessible.
  • Health and Human Service Needs – Members in these programs will connect communities to healthcare and education resources, as well as strengthen parental education for positive impacts in families.

A complete list of the 47 California programs awarded AmeriCorps grants can be found below:

Legal Applicant City Program Name Focus Area Grant Amount Grant Type
Santa Cruz American Conservation Experience (ACE) California Environmental Stewardship  $         417,101 Competitive, New/Re-compete
Thermal AmeriCorps Lectura (Promote) Education  $         676,000 Formula, New/Re-compete
Santa Barbara AppleCorps Education  $         285,701 Formula, Continuation
Fortuna Backcountry Trails AmeriCorps Program Environmental Stewardship  $         386,044 Competitive, New/Re-compete
San Rafael Bay Area Workforce AmeriCorps Economic Opportunity  $         365,402 Competitive, New/Re-compete
San Rafael BAYAC (Bay Area Youth Agency Consortium) AmeriCorps Education  $      1,470,628 Formula, New/Re-compete
Sacramento Birth & Beyond Healthy Futures  $         979,889 Competitive, Continuation
El Centro Borderlands Education  $         485,395 Formula, Continuation
Bakersfield Building Healthy Communities Education  $         328,825 Formula, Continuation
San Francisco CA JusticeCorps Education  $         919,942 Formula, Continuation
Los Angeles CA Safe Corps Disaster Services  $         302,222 Competitive, New/Re-compete
Napa CalSERVES Education  $         489,850 Competitive, New/Re-compete
Napa CalSERVES II (Augment-Fixed) Education  $         339,174 Formula, New/Re-compete
Napa CalSERVES PREP (Fixed-Amount) Education  $         537,200 Formula, Continuation
Napa CalSERVES VIP Capacity Building  $      1,300,000 Competitive, Continuation
Sacramento Child Welfare Service Improvement Healthy Futures  $         603,310 Competitive, Continuation
Los Angeles City Year Los Angeles Education  $      2,500,000 Competitive, New/Re-compete
Sacramento CivicSpark Environmental Stewardship  $         638,267 Competitive, Continuation
Santa Ana Disaster Resiliency for Vulnerable Populations Disaster Services  $         160,000 Formula, New/Re-compete
San Francisco Education Outside Education  $         549,160 Formula, New/Re-compete
Oakland Elev8 Youth Program Education  $         694,980 Formula, Continuation
Alameda First 5 Service Corps Education  $      1,137,385 Competitive, New/Re-compete
San Bernardino Forest Aid Corps Disaster Services  $         256,273 Competitive, New/Re-compete
San Francisco Healthy Choices AmeriCorps Education  $         454,997 Formula, New/Re-compete
Los Angeles Hope for the Homeless Economic Opportunity  $         261,729 Formula, Continuation
San Francisco Jumpstart CA Education  $      1,168,322 Competitive, Continuation
Lakeport Lake County AmeriCorps Education  $         157,978 Formula, New/Re-compete
Los Angeles Los Angeles Promise Corps Education  $         583,070 Competitive, New/Re-compete
Salinas Monterey County United for Literacy Education  $         330,009 Formula, New/Re-compete
Anaheim Muslim & Arab American Resource Corps Healthy Futures & Economic Opp.  $         150,000 Formula, New/Re-compete
Redding Northstate Rural Assets Project Healthy Futures  $         252,208 Competitive, New/Re-compete
San Rafael OCASA AmeriCorps Education  $         251,049 Formula, New/Re-compete
San Jose Our City Forest Environmental Stewardship  $         987,871 Formula, Continuation
San Diego PASS AmeriCorps (Fixed-Amount) Education  $         452,845 Formula, Continuation
Oakland Playworks California Education  $         939,125 Competitive, New/Re-compete
Los Angeles Promise Zone Operation AmeriCorps Education  $         164,205 Competitive, New/Re-compete
Oakland Reading Partners II (Augment-Fixed) Education  $         390,000 Formula, New/Re-compete
Oakland Reading Partners California Education  $         819,000 Competitive, New/Re-compete
San Francisco San Francisco Teacher Residency Education  $         525,000 Formula, New/Re-compete
South Lake Tahoe Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnership Environmental Stewardship  $         363,309 Competitive, New/Re-compete
Oakland Super Stars Literacy Education  $         363,958 Competitive, New/Re-compete
Riverside University Eastside Community Collaborative (UECC) Education  $         272,860 Formula, New/Re-compete
Los Angeles Veteran Resource Corps Veterans & Military Families  $         294,000 Formula, Continuation
Fortuna Watershed Stewards Environmental Stewardship  $         426,950 Competitive, New/Re-compete
Watsonville Work Success Now! Economic Opportunity  $         276,640 Formula, New/Re-compete
San Bernardino Young Scholars Education  $         323,040 Formula, Continuation
Sacramento Youth Investment Center Education  $         383,184 Competitive, Continuation
Grand Total  $    26,414,097