Commissioner Profile – Chair Kathy McKim

Kathy McKim is the current Chair of the CaliforniaVolunteers Commission, where she has served since 2014. As a member of the business community, she strives to bring together the private sector with statewide nonprofits, AmeriCorps programs, and service leaders.

“My parents and teachers stressed the importance of giving back and sharing your talents and resources to make a positive impact. I have always felt a need to give back to my community and especially to those who may not have had the same opportunity and resources that I have had.”

With her parents and teachers instilling in her the value of service early on and her participation in the Girl Scouts and various volunteer opportunities throughout middle school and high school, Kathy has worked to include service in all aspects of her life. “In my professional career at AT&T, I worked with local and statewide government and organizations to promote workforce development and education” focusing on high school graduation rates.

Building off of her work, Kathy dedicated herself to serving the Sacramento community. In 2011, in partnership with civic, business, and elected leaders, including Mayor Kevin Johnson, she successfully brought City Year, Teach for America, and College Track to the Sacramento region. Kathy is a strong believer in mentorship and education. In bringing nationally renowned programs to Sacramento, she has been able to create change in a community she calls home.

Having played an active role in service in both the private sector through corporate social responsibility and as an active member and supporter of service organizations across the state, Kathy believes that with a passion to serve, every contribution, large or small, will have a lasting impact. “There are many ways to get involved from volunteering for specific projects, to leveraging your leadership and talent through board service and looking for ways to help non-profits grow their contributions and awareness.”

As the new Chair of the CaliforniaVolunteers Commission, Kathy hopes to focus on new and innovative recruitment efforts across the state and on expanding AmeriCorps programs into high-need communities through targeted partnership development. With her tenure as Chair just starting, Kathy is looking forward to the future: “I am excited about the opportunity to serve with the entire CaliforniaVolunteers Commission and staff and I look forward to increasing the number of volunteers who serve as well as the programs that receive our support!” CaliforniaVolunteers is excited to welcome this dedicated public servant to her new position as Chair.