February 2019 Monthly Call

Thanks for joining our call this morning.  In case you missed it, here is the recording of the call. The presentation PPT is attached.

Attached are materials referenced during the call:

AmeriCorps Onboarding Walk Through:
An overview of the steps needed to recruit, select, screen for eligibility, and enroll AmeriCorps members. Includes a link to these detailed tutorials:

eGrants Member Enrollment & Exits Tutorial: includes both member and program staff steps and screenshots.

Truescreen Tutorial AND Fieldprint Tutorial: each includes both member and program staff steps and screenshots, tips on steps not to miss, filling out CV Verification form & attesting to check completion in eGrants.  The Fieldprint tutorial includes CNCS guidance for challenging a ‘not cleared’ result. As a reminder, you must use both these vendors.

These above are word format so you can add program-specific steps where needed. 

Updated CV NSCHC Verification Form: this is more aligned with these new processes and important steps not to miss. Please use this going forward.  We will accept the December version for any done in January or February. We’ve also attached a filled out sample version.  This is a fillable form, and can be either used as such or printed out and filled in with pen.  The bottom of the form needs a wet signature. Please also note the START DATE box (top of form) should be completed AFTER all checks are cleared and should match what is entered as the START DATE in eGrants. That could be filled in with pen as well.

Use of these can all be incorporated (reference them) into your NSCHC Policy & Procedure. Please send to your Program Officer by Feb. 28.