California Volunteer Matching Network Hub

California Volunteer Matching Network Hub


California Volunteers is proud to partner with 30 local “Hubs” to provide on-the-ground coverage in 47 California counties. A Hub is a volunteer connector organization that provides customer service to potential volunteers as well as nonprofit organizations posting volunteer opportunities. The backbone of the California Volunteer Matching Network (CVMN) is the Hub organizations.

Benefits of Being a Hub

Hub organizations are positioned even more strongly as a leader in service and volunteerism in their local community. Partnership with California Volunteers as a Hub grantee provides:

  • Increased access to potential volunteers as a result of California Volunteers’ statewide presence;
  • Promotion of Hubs on the statewide Web site;
  • Annual training and technical assistance to share best practices; and,
  • Access to new and/or innovative programming

Criteria and Requirements

CVMN Hubs, your organizations are acknowledged to:

  • Be a 501(c)(3) organization or a public agency;
  • Generally align with the goals of California Volunteers and the CVMN to increase volunteerism across California through the use of technology;
  • Be a strong community leader who includes volunteer matching in its core mission;
  • Currently use and actively maintain, or agree to use and actively maintain within 60 days of the grant start date, a CVMN-approved volunteer matching technology; and,
  • Other requirements as listed in the Application Instructions and grant contract language.

CVMN Memorandums of Understanding specify that the Hubs:

  • Post substantially all publicly-available, non-prohibited volunteer opportunities for which you make referrals to the CVMN-approved volunteer matching technology (NOTE: the CVMN program does not include court-ordered volunteer matching);
  • Have strong relationships with nonprofit organizations and public agencies that engage volunteers, including the ability to assess and evaluate their volunteer usage;
  • Maintain a dynamic and user-friendly Web site where California Volunteers link and logo can be placed on homepage;
  • Place your volunteer matching technology one click away from your homepage; and,
  • Other requirements listed in Application Instructions and grant contract language.

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