AmeriCorps Contracting Documents

Once an AmeriCorps grant has been awarded by the Corporation for National & Community Service, the program must enter into a contract with California Volunteers before it can begin providing the awarded services. Beginning in the 2019 Program Year, contracting will be handled through the California Volunteers AmeriCorps Community on the Salesforce platform. However, there are some template documents that must be downloaded below and submitted through the Community. Please contact AmeriCorpsGrants@CV.CA.GOV or your Program Officer if you have any questions about contracting or the California Volunteers AmeriCorps Community in Salesforce.

California Volunteers AmeriCorps Community Login

Beginning in the 2019-20 program year, all grant monitoring processes, including the submission of contracting documents, will take place in the California Volunteers AmeriCorps Community on the Salesforce platform. A primary user account will be provided for all the legal applicant representative identified during the application process. That user will then be able to create additional users for that organization. If you have any questions or would like to request another individual be your organization’s primary user, please email AmeriCorpsGrants@CV.CA.GOV or contact your Program Officer. The link to the Community and the Sub-Grantee User Guide for the system can be found below.

2019-20 AmeriCorps Contracting Documents

AmeriCorps Program Readiness

In addition to the contracting documents, all programs must submit Program Readiness documents before a contract can be executed. Work with your Program Officer and utilize the Program Readiness Resources below to develop your program’s readiness documents. Documents can be submitted using the California Volunteers AmeriCorps Community. Your contract cannot be executed until your Program Officer has approved your Program Readiness documents.

Contracting Documents