AmeriCorps Contracting Documents

Once an AmeriCorps grant has been awarded by the Corporation for National & Community Service, the program must enter into a contract with CaliforniaVolunteers before it can begin providing the awarded services. Download the checklist and forms below and begin assembling your contract package for submission to CaliforniaVolunteers. Please allow 30 days from the receipt of a complete contracting package for processing before contract execution. If you have any questions please contact or your Program Officer.

2017-18 AmeriCorps Operating Programs

NOTE: In addition to the contracting documents below, all programs must complete the AmeriCorps Program Readiness Checklist before a contract can be executed. Program Readiness Resources can be found here. Send your completed Program Readiness package to your Program Officer at least 45 days before your anticipated start date.

AmeriCorps Contract Checklist for New/Recompete Programs

AmeriCorps Contract Checklist for Continuation Programs