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California Volunteers, Office of the Governor, addresses state and community challenges by investing in high impact service solutions, while leveraging public, private, and nonprofit partnerships and resources. Through AmeriCorps, disaster volunteering and preparedness, and community partnerships, California Volunteers transforms small investments into major community impact.

Led by the state’s Chief Service Officer, Karen Baker, California Volunteers is supported by a bipartisan 25-member Commission and a team of experts driven by a mission to encourage and mobilize all Californians to volunteer, serve and prepare.

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Sacramento Bee: "Want to help during an emergency? Training program puts civilians on the front lines."

March 28, 2019

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Governor Newsom announces additional details on the $50 million California for All Emergency Preparedness Campaign

March 22, 2019

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Join the California For All Emergency Preparedness Campaign – led by Governor Newsom – to ensure our most vulnerable communities are prepared for disasters. There are many grant opportunities now available to help usher in a new era of disaster preparedness in the Golden State.