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NOTE:  For any Public Notices prior to 2016, please email Kaitlin.Meyer@CaliforniaVolunteers.CA.GOV.


02/27/2019Executive Committee Meeting
02/07/2019AmeriCorps Committee Meeting Agenda
12/06/2018Full Commission Call Agenda
11/29/2018Executive Committee Call
11/01/2018Full Commission Teleconference Meeting
10/04/2018Full Commission Meeting Agenda
09/04/2018Executive Committee Call
07/20/2018Summer Executive Committee Call
06/15/2018AmeriCorps Committee Meeting
04/11/2018AmeriCorps Committee Meeting
01/25/2018Executive Committee Meeting
01/25/2018Communications Strategy Meeting
01/11/2018Governance Committee Meeting
01/04/2018AmeriCorps Committee Meeting
12/20/2017Full Commission Conference Call
12/14/2017Executive Committee Agenda
08/24/2017AmeriCorps Committee Agenda
06/22/2017AmeriCorps Committee Meeting
06/01/2017AmeriCorps Committee Agenda
01/05/2017AmeriCorps Committee Agenda
11/08/2016External Affairs Committee Meeting
09/07/2016Full Commission Meeting Agenda
08/31/2016AmeriCorps Committee Meeting
08/09/2016External Affairs Committee Meeting
06/13/2016External Affairs Committee Meeting
06/07/2016AmeriCorps Committee Agenda
05/10/2016External Affairs Committee Meeting
04/12/2016External Affairs Committee Meeting
03/08/2016External Affairs Committee Meeting
03/08/2016AmeriCorps Committee Agenda
01/12/2016External Affairs Committee Meeting