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Managing Your AmeriCorps Program Resources

There are many systems that an AmeriCorps grantee would need to develop in order to manage a high quality program that is in compliance with grant requirements. The Managing Your AmeriCorps Program Resources are provided for training purposes and are offered as supports as you design or update materials for your particular program.

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National Service Criminal History Checks Policy and Procedure

Under the National and Community Service Act of 1990, as amended by the Serve America Act (SAA), AmeriCorps grantees must conduct National Service Criminal History checks on all covered employees and AmeriCorps members who receive a salary, national service education award, living allowance, or stipend under CNCS grants, even if the activities don't involve service with vulnerable populations. An individual is ineligible to serve in a position that receives such CNCS funding if the individual is registered, or required to be registered, as a sex offender or has been convicted of murder.

Grantees must have a written criminal background check policy and procedure that ensures the minimum CNCS and California Volunteers requirements are met as outlined in Exhibit H, “National Service Criminal History Checks Certification Form.” Exhibit H describes California Volunteers’ NSCHC policy, which include requirements that exceed the minimum federal requirements.

Below are resources to help your program meet National Service Criminal History Check requirements for AmeriCorps members and staff working on the grant. Follow the CV NSCHC Steps Checklist to ensure all required steps are completed. Use the Background Check Tracker to track checks for all AmeriCorps members and covered staff. The CV NSCHC Verification Form can be used as documentation that staff and memeber checks have been completed correctly. All other items are for reference. Contact your PO if you have questions.

Please note: California Volunteers NSCHC requirements exceed the minimum federal requirements established by CNCS. California Volunteers’ NSCHC policy is found in your grantee contract, Exhibit H, National Service Criminal History Checks Certification Form (see link in resource section below). Please keep this in mind when reviewing CNCS' FAQs and NSCHC resources, as not all information provided by CNCS applies to CV AmeriCorps State programs (e.g. accompaniment or timing of when State and FBI checks must be initiated and cleared, etc.).​

Monitoring Tools

Member & Covered Staff Background Check Tracker
This form is used to track and report compliance with criminal background check requirements. Member files must contain all background evidence available for review upon request. See Program Operational Calendar for due date.

Member File and Program Readiness Checklist
This checklist is used to ensure member files and program readiness documents contain the required items. A standalone Member File Checklist can be found here.

Site Visit Record
This form is used when California Volunteers makes a site visit to a program. Programs may use this tool to see which files and systems are typically reviewed during the monitoring process. Programs may also wish to use it to assess whether their systems are comprehensive and satisfactorily address California Volunteers requirements.


Change Request Forms

Member Slot Conversion Request
This form is used by California Volunteers Program Officers to review program slot conversion requests.

Budget Revision Form
This form should be completed and forwarded to your California Volunteers Program Officer with any proposed change to the Program Budget.

AmeriCorps Program Contact Change Form
This form is used by programs to update program contact information. Send the completed form to your California Volunteers Program Officer in the event of permanent program contact changes.

Programmatic Change Request
This form should be completed and sent to your California Volunteers Program Officer with any proposed, non-budget changes to your program.


Templates and Other Resources

California Volunteers AmeriCorps Start-up Guide
This AmeriCorps Program Start-up Guide is designed to help you get your program up and running so that you can join the thousands of communities across the nation that are getting things done for America through AmeriCorps.

2018 AmeriCorps Member Contract Required Content
This checklist serves as a guide for programs in creating contracts for their members.

Sample Member Service Agreement Template
The sample Member Service Agreement template is designed to be used as a starting point for programs to develop a member service agreement that includes all California Volunteers and CNCS requirements.

Program Calendar & Tools Workbook SAMPLE
The calendar is designed to contain significant dates specific to your program. It allows your program to know due dates and plan accordingly. The included tools can be useful in tracking member service hours, monitoring your program’s enrollment and retention status, double checking program management documents are in place, and to help maintain complete and accurate member files.

Progress Report Template SAMPLE
This is used to report program implementation progress and actual cumulative target/impacts progress. Each progress report covers the period of time from the program start date to the end of that reporting period and addresses components appropriate to the program developmental stage of that reporting period. (See the Program Stages & Reporting Progress tab). Progress reports are (at a minimum) due three times a year.

California AmeriCorps Program Inclusion Information
California Volunteers’ Inclusion information outlines the policies, requirements, and resources applicable to service programs like yours, and includes specific references to national service guidelines and reasonable accommodation funding.

CA Program Standards
The California AmeriCorps Standards provide guidance for operating a successful, high quality AmeriCorps program. The Standards do not include all the legal requirements for running an AmeriCorps program and therefore, should not be used in such a manner.

California Volunteers Program Continuity Checklist
This checklist assists programs in preparation for major changes.

AmeriCorps Program Director Transition Plan Template
The template provides a starting point for programs to plan for transition in the event of program director turnover.

AmeriCorps Branding Guidelines
You may have seen that California Volunteers has a new logo!  We’re excited to be approved to share it and our updated branding guidelines are attached in Word form so that you can access the logos from it.  For the 2019-20 program year, grantees may use the old California Volunteers logo if orders have already been placed.

AmeriCorps Alums California Volunteers Program Manager Learning Community PowerPoint
This PowerPoint presentation provided by Mary Bruce during the July grantee check-in call details the AmeriCorps Alums Program Manager Learning Community.